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  Welcome to the 2017 Minor Softball Season!! Once again this year we are very pleased to announce that Clarenville Minor Softball (Teeball) Association will be having on-line registration. We will be using Minor Soccer’s system for registration. A couple of registration tips: 

· If registering for both soccer and softball you must register for each sport separately. Thus, you pay twice – once for each sport. 

· Please note that when you choose Minor Softball as a registration option it will still appear as Minor soccer/Minor Softball on your screen (that is OK continue with registration). When you complete your registration it will have Minor Softball on the statement.  

Minor Softball Information


Our on-line registration will be available on May 26th.  For those who are not able to register on-line there will be a registration at Clarenville Middle School Resource Center on Tuesday, June 6th from 4:30-6:30. At this time you will have access to in-person registration for soccer also!  

Please ensure your email address is current when registering as all communication will be via email.  

This Season's Changes

This season in all categories from U5 up to U14 we have decided to dedicate our program to game play (House League). U5 & U6 Teeball will play one game per week. U8 – U14 divisions will play two evening games per week (this is based on 3 team divisions). We will run the games per division on one night (2 games per night) in order to limit the number of times families need to visit the field! Games will be 1 hr in duration. All division leagues will be co-ed.  

Start Date

The Regular Summer Teeball/Softball program will begin on Monday, July 10th and will run for 7 weeks concluding on August 24th. · Some softball divisions may begin prior to the commencement of the regular summer program. This will be communicated at a later date via email. · Players cannot attend any practices until registered. All registration must be completed on-line either at home or at the June 6th in person session. No registration will be accepted at the field.  


Each player will need: 

         o His/her own glove 

         o His/her own Batter’s Helmet  

Fee Structure

Teeball - $50 

Softball - $70

Family discount – For families of three or more children there is a 50% discount for the third and additional registrations.  

Competitive Program

Starting at the U10 Division there is an opportunity to participate in provincial tournaments. Further information will be shared once groups begin practicing. Anyone who joins the competitive team will have access to more skill acquisition training and the potential for travel!  


Softball/Teeball Divisions

U16 Born 2001 & 2002 

U14  Born 2003 & 2004 

U12 Born 2005 & 2006 

U10 Born 2007 & 2008 

U8 Born 2009 & 2010 

U6 Teeball Born 2011

            U5 Teeball Born 2012 & 2013            



4:30-8:00 Under 8 


4:30-8:00 Under 10 


4:30-6:30 Under 12 

6:30-8:30 Under 14 


4:00-6:00 Under 5 

6:00-7:30 Under 6  


Download to View!

All Games to be played at the Clarenville High School Softball Field!

House League Schedule (docx)


House League Teams (docx)


Tournament Dates/Locations

U10 Tournaments

1. U10 Mite Ballistic "Grand Slam" Tournament: July 7th-9th at Southern Shore Minor Softball

2. U10 Mite Ballistic Funtastic Tournament: August 25th-27th at Carbonear Minor Softball

 Contact Jakob Walsh at minorsoftball@clarenville.net if interested in participating! 

U12 Tournaments

1. U12 Squirt Boys' Provincial: July 28th-30th at Carbonear Minor Softball

2. U12 Squirt Girls' Provincial: August 18th-20th at CBC Minor Softball

3. U12 Squirt Ballistic Funtastic Tournament: August 25th-27th at TBA

 Contact Jakob Walsh at minorsoftball@clarenville.net if interested in participating! 

U14 Tournaments

1. U14 Peewee Boys' Provincial: August 4th-6th at Kelly Park Sports Association

2. U14 Peewee Girls' Provincial: August 4th-6th at CBC Minor Softball

 Contact Jakob Walsh at minorsoftball@clarenville.net if interested in participating! 

U16 Tournaments

1. U16 Bantam Boys' Provincials: August 4th-6th at Butterville Minor Softball

2. U16 Bantam Girls' Provincials: August 11th-13th at Shea Heights Minor Softball

 Contact Jakob Walsh at minorsoftball@clarenville.net if interested in participating! 


Clarenville Minor Softball Executive 2017

Co-Chairs: Keith Chard & Jill Monk

Treasurer: Julia Russell 

Secretary: Shannon Morgan 

Equipment Manager: Dion Park 

Registrar: JodeanJefford 

Directors : Greg Adams 

Lee Wiseman 

Paul Mullett 

Michael Penney 

Matty & Mary Ellen Blackmore 

Deidre Patey 

Victoria Holloway

Contact Us


Twitter: @softballcville 

For further information, contact the following: 

email: minorsoftball@clarenville.net  

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Jakob Walsh-Sports and Recreation Coordinator today!

Clarenville Area Minor Softball/Teeball




Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm