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  Welcome to the 2017 Beach Volleyball Season! This is the first year for the Clarenville Area Beach Volleyball Association (CABVA) and we are looking forward to a long-term, successful organization! 

The program will run from July 10th to August 24th, with a season-ending tournament on August 24th-26th which will be free to those who are enrolled in the program.  

The registration link is below: All registration for CABVA will be completed online. 

If you have any further questions, contact Jakob Walsh anytime at 466-4105 ext. 229 between 8:00am-5:00pm or via email-reccoordinator@clarenville.net prior to June 28th.   


Age Categories

1. Born 2003-2004 Mixed 

2. Men's (Born 2002 and Older)  

3. Women's (Born 2002 and Older) 


1. Born 2003-2004: $40 per person  

2. Men’s & Women’s: $80 Registration Fee per Team  

NOTE: Registration cost includes CABVA Season and Year-End Tournament Registration.  

Team Structure

1. 2003-2004 Mixed Category: Players must register for the program by June 28th.  The program for this age category will be comprised of skill development and game play.  

2. Men’s/Women’s (2002 & Older) Category: Teams must have a minimum of 2 people but are able to have up to 4 people for the sole purpose somebody cannot make it due to other requirements. Final roster must be determined by June 28th.  

If you are interested in playing but do not have a team, you can submit your name and be put on a free-agent list.      

Further Questions

If you have any further questions, contact Jakob Walsh-Sports & Recreation Coordinator at reccoordinator@clarenville.net or 466-4105 ext. 229. 

Interested in Joining the Committee?

If you are interested in joining the committee along-side Jakob Walsh, contact him!


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Start Time: 6:00pm: Women's League (Born 2002 and Older)


4:45pm-6:15pm: Mixed 2003-2004 


4:00pm-5:30pm: Mixed 2003-2004


Start Time: 6:00pm: Men's League (Born 2002 and Older)

Contact Us

Questions on CABVA?


If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to contact Jakob Walsh at   reccoordinator@clarenville.net!

Clarenville Recreation

709-466-4105 ext 229


Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm